Who are we?

Alpha One is a family owned Colorado corporation which was founded in 1990 by Gary Bragdon.

The original intent of the company founder was to develop a quality organic fertilizer for Colorado landscapes with the abundance of available compost as the main component. However, the variable chemical and physical properties of those composts created production and quality problems. So, alfalfa, a readily available renewable resource was considered as the base material. In combination with nearby supplies of blood meal and cottonseed meal, production began on a limited scale, and research and field trials were under way. With some revisions and minor reformulations, two organic lawn and garden fertilizers were born.

One of the original customers of Alpha One was Davey Tree & Lawn Care in Denver, a company that realized the need and benefits of a quality fertilizer for turf grass. As the results were experienced by their customers with Alpha One fertilizers, Davey's lawn care division began to expand their organic lawn care program. Not only was the customer satisfaction realized, Davey also realized a profitability that surpassed their standard fertilizer program. This organic program is a major part of Davey Tree & Lawn Care operations yet today. From that humble beginning, the Alpha One line has expanded with our organic garden fertilizer, an organic pre-plant fertilizer, and organic mineral supplements.

The marketing of Alpha One products continues to be that of referral. We market direct to our Front Range customers and through Rivendell Landscape Supply at Glenwood Springs, our only distributor supplying our West Slope retail outlets. Our existing customers are always ready to provide recommendations for potential new Alpha One customers. So, if you have questions or would like a referral, please contact us via E-mail, gary@alphaoneinc.com or call us at 970-402-0498.